Dola is a Nigerian photographer based in the United Kingdom. Currently exploring and documenting her journey of motherhood, her self-portrait imagery captures the simplicity of everyday life, the unspoken strength of being a mother and the importance of exploring your identity during the process of becoming someone new.

What drew LHL to Dola, was not only her romantic imagery, but her story and transparency on her motherhood journey – having previously opened up about the struggles of becoming a new mum and how photography ultimately became her tool to find herself again.

We spoke to Dola about what inspires her:

Every day holds its beauty, from simple moments like waking up, having lunch at a manor house, exploring life together or being creative, noticing those moments is when life flourishes.

Making images with my daughter is something that will live beyond me. It has been a joy to create by her side and I’m so grateful for motherhood’s opportunities.

Initially documenting our home life was an experimental and cathartic experience to express myself, but today it is also considered my job and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Being a remote working mum may not be traditional, but it’s our way of creating a life that is uniquely ours.

Through this journey, I’ve been able to meet and connect with so many amazing mothers, including LHL’s very own Jess, who designs and keepsake clothing I cherish.
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