Through the Lens of Claudia Cabrero Málaga

Claudia is an Editorial and Documentary photographer who captures the essence and nostalgia of childhood through her visual storytelling. Located in Spain, her inspiration stems from her two daughters who give her the foundation to create meaningful narratives guided by her motherly instinct. Her ode to French culture and ability to see the beauty of everyday life is why LHL was drawn to collaborate with Claudia.

We asked Claudia what inspired her to work with our new collection Sparrows at Dusk:

When I first saw the collection, I was immediately inspired to document portraits in warm light with a vintage perspective.  I fell in love with the colours and patterns of the clothing and had the perfect location in mind to help tell their story. The aubergine colour of the Dusk Dress combined with the Rosella Spot Cardigan is such a precious combination.  I also find flowers very symbolic and really enjoyed capturing the Springtime Cardigan in the middle of winter as it is an important reminder ‘flowers bloom in the winter too’.


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